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Thank you for your interest in working with Cornerstone Total Home, LLC. We are a fast growing General Contracting company servicing Washington. We are excited at the opportunity to partner with high quality contractors, from all trades, to bring together the very best network of construction professionals. We take great pride in our ability to provide our clients and suppliers with contractors that are fully vetted, fully licensed, insured and ready to work.  As a policy we will only call on partners that are fully registered within our systems. To achieve this, we like to take care of all the paperwork up front so it’s out of the way and we are ready send you business!!  During our vetting process you are kindly requested to:
• Review and sign our Vendor Work Agreement (Attached)
• Provide Proof of License, Insurance & Bond, LNI (if applicable), Driver License, Vehicle Insurance
and W9.

If you would like to proceed, Please fill out the form below and identify what specialties you cover.  Upon approval of your 1st bid, we will request additional paperwork to complete your registration

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